What to Do if You are Stung By a Jellyfish

Discover how to treat a jellyfish sting.

jellyfish sting

Summer is here, so that means lots of long days at the beach with the kids, quietly worrying that they will get stung by a jellyfish, and you may have to urinate on your own child. Luckily, urination is not always necessary, and there are other ways to treat the sting, as long as you act swiftly. So here are the five things you should immediately do, if you or someone you love is stung by a jellyfish.

  1. Remove any singers. Your goal is to clear away any pieces of tentacle embedded in the skin. If the pieces are on the surface, you can wash them away with SALT WATER (not fresh water). You can also use a credit card to try scraping the stingers off.
  2. Deactivate the venom by washing the area with venom, or use baking soda and seawater, and tap the wound gently with the paste.
  3. Get some pain relief, either with a hot pack or by submerging the wound in hot water.
  4. Watch for allergic reactions. If you do the above things, you should probably be fine, but if you see any sign of a reaction such as nausea, dizziness, fever, or trouble breathing, get medical attention immediately.

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Nobody likes being stung by a jellyfish, but at least now you know to pack some baking soda in your beach bag just in case!

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