How to Choose the Right Bicycle

When it comes to bicycles, not all are created equal.

women biking

Bicycling may be one of the best ways to get good cardio, not only because it works a lot of muscles, but the lack of impact is also good for your joints.

However, if you are riding a bicycle that doesn’t fit correctly, it can actually be pretty uncomfortable. A woman’s body is built a little differently than a mans, so it stands to reason that a woman’s bike should have a different design.

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When searching for a bike, look for the following things:

Narrow handlebars.

Brake levers close to the handlebars.

Hollowed-out seats with wide back ends and narrow fronts.

A firm seat, with just enough cushion for comfort, but not so much that you are constantly bouncing.

A good helmet, to be replaced every four years or after serious falls.

You should also invest in sweat-friendly biking clothes that wick away sweat, and reduce friction for long rides. Also, before you bike, make sure you check your tires for proper inflation, and clean and lubricate your bike chain.

Biking can be both a great source of exercise, and a fun hobby. Just make sure you shop around for a bike that works well with your body!

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