Three Great Soccer Cleats for Your Kids

How to choose the best soccer cleats for your child.

youth soccer cleats

Calling all soccer moms! As well all know, the world of youth sports can be pretty competitive. When it comes to outfitting our children for their favorite sports, we also want to make sure we are making the smartest decisions, not only to ensure they have the best playing experience, but also to protect their ankles and legs.

Youth soccer is one of the more popular sports for our kids, and there are a bunch of options out there in terms of cleats, so how are we to know which one to buy? Obviously leather cleats are used by professionals, but for children, synthetic leather, polyurethane, or molded plastic can work just as well and provide just as much protection, especially since your child is likely to grow out of them.

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These three options are budget-friendly, and kid-tested, so if your child is in need of some great soccer cleats, check out these brands, all available on Amazon!

youth soccer cleats


Adidas Performance Conquisto Cleat- $19.96-$200


youth soccer cleats

PUMA Evospeed Cleat- $19.99-$50.00


youth soccer cleats

Vizari Infinity Soccer Cleat- $10.99-$39.41


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