Why You Should Try Using a Foam Roller

Foam rollers are great for both releasing tension, and relieving stress. When it comes to sports and fitness, the foam roller is a very handy tool to have around. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, a foam roller is just a cylindrical piece of foam that you can use to stretch out your... Continue Reading →

Three Natural Sunscreens to Try This Summer

Protect your family from the sun the natural way. When it comes to sunscreen, there are a lot of mixed opinions and misinformation out there. Some people are staunch supporters of sunscreen, while others think that it might actually give you cancer. There are also many different kinds of sunscreen out there, from the kind... Continue Reading →

Five Reasons to Thank a Nurse Today

Nurses are the unsung heroes of the medical industry. Lately there has been a lot of talk about nurses on social media. Specifically, certain people have been criticizing nurses for what they do on their breaks. Last week was National Nurses Week however, and as an orthopaedic surgeon I am here to say that we... Continue Reading →

Should You Apply Ice or Heat Your Injury?

Ice and heating packs work better for different types of injuries. I’ve seen it happen a million times. One minute you are out on the field, heading towards an amazing winning streak, and the next you pull, strain, or sprain something, and find yourself on the sidelines trying to decide what to do next. Any... Continue Reading →

How to Add More Magnesium to Your Diet

Its time to start paying attention to magnesium. Magnesium may a funny word, but the mineral actually plays a very important part in many bodily functions, such as blood pressure regulation, balanced blood sugar, nerve function, energy production, and even DNA synthesis. Magnesium, even though it is the fourth most prevalent mineral in your body,... Continue Reading →

Five Surprising Uses for Turmeric

Turmeric is great for a lot of things, other than staining your hands! If you’re anything like me, you are constantly trying to find new ways to spice up your diet, literally and figuratively. There are a lot of healthy spices out there that can do a lot more than just add some flavor to... Continue Reading →

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