Six Tips for Summer Workouts

Summer workouts come with their own slew of potential issues. When it comes to physical fitness, Summer and Winter are completely different beasts. During winter, you have to drag yourself out of bed or trudge through inclement weather to get to a gym, then spend considerable time stretching out cold muscles, all just to keep... Continue Reading →

How to Pee During a Triathlon

It may sound strange, but peeing during a bike race is a real problem. If the question ‘How do cyclists pee?’ has never crossed your mind, you have most likely never participated in a triathlon. Regardless of whether you want the information or not however, peeing during a bike race is a real problem cyclists... Continue Reading →

Five Non-Fitness Reasons to do an Ironman Triathlon

Ironman triathlons have many healthy benefits, outside of physical fitness. Of all of the triathlons and marathons I’ve participated in over the years, Ironman is one of my favorites. Its my belief that we should always constantly challenge ourselves in regards to physical fitness, and especially endurance. Triathlons are great for that because they require... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Try Using a Foam Roller

Foam rollers are great for both releasing tension, and relieving stress. When it comes to sports and fitness, the foam roller is a very handy tool to have around. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, a foam roller is just a cylindrical piece of foam that you can use to stretch out your... Continue Reading →

Should You Apply Ice or Heat Your Injury?

Ice and heating packs work better for different types of injuries. I’ve seen it happen a million times. One minute you are out on the field, heading towards an amazing winning streak, and the next you pull, strain, or sprain something, and find yourself on the sidelines trying to decide what to do next. Any... Continue Reading →

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