Three Best Juices for Cleansing

Sometimes a juice cleanse is exactly what your system needs. The world has been in lockdown for months, and by now I am assuming most moms are just popping instant meals into the microwave every night and retiring to the bottom of a glass of red wine. Chances are, we haven’t been eating or exercising... Continue Reading →

How to Protest Safely

If you are going to protest, please be safe. We are living in unprecedented times. I keep saying that, thinking that each time things won’t get worse. And then boom, another apocalyptic event happens, and I have more to write about. The #BlackLivesMatter protests have gone global, incited by the wrongful murder of George Floyd.... Continue Reading →

How to Be a Good Ally

Right now, people of color are in need of allies. What does it mean to be an ally? I know many of us would consider ourselves allies to many different marginalized societies, from the LGBTQA community, to immigrants and people of color. For most however, being an ally just means that we mentally support their... Continue Reading →

Five Natural Ways to Combat Lockdown Anxiety

Quarantine anxiety is a huge negative side effect of COVID-19. Whether we are fully addicted to stress, or just face a few uncomfortable moments every day, anxiety is a natural part of our lives. We all face anxiety under normal circumstances, from deadlines at our job, to problems in our relationships, and even small things... Continue Reading →

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