Three Easy Ways to Improve Digestion

Gut health is very important to overall health. When it comes to our overall health, the digestive system plays a huge role in everything from your daily comfort level, to the proper functioning of your immune system. Neglecting your gut can lead to a slew of disease and syndromes like IBS, SIBO, and Crohn’s disease.... Continue Reading →

Eight Ways to Improve Joint Health

Your joints are just as important to your health as your muscles and bones. As an orthopaedic surgeon, I can never stress this point enough. Your joints are integral to your overall health and the functions of your body. When it comes to fitness, most people don’t really think about joints very much. They want... Continue Reading →

Meet the Newest Kombucha Alternative

When it comes to fermented drinks, you have options. If you have been following fitness trends in the last few years, or have ever even been inside a yoga studio, you probably know what kombucha is. For those of you who don’t however, kombucha is essentially fermented tea that contains beneficial probiotics and antioxidants. It... Continue Reading →

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