Five Non-Fitness Reasons to do an Ironman Triathlon

Ironman triathlons have many healthy benefits, outside of physical fitness. Of all of the triathlons and marathons I’ve participated in over the years, Ironman is one of my favorites. Its my belief that we should always constantly challenge ourselves in regards to physical fitness, and especially endurance. Triathlons are great for that because they require... Continue Reading →

How to Be More Optimistic

Maintaining an optimistic state of mind can have positive benefits for your health. As we all know in life, sometimes things are going great, and sometimes things are slightly ‘less than great’. There are highs and lows to everyone’s life, and unfortunately during those lows it becomes increasingly easier to fall prey to pessimism. Unfortunately,... Continue Reading →

Five Ways to Be More Grateful

Gratitude is vastly under-rated, but very important. I consider myself a very grateful person. I am incredibly lucky to have my health, four beautiful children, a partner to help me through life’s ups and downs, and the ability to help heal other people, which has always been my dream. Still, with the daily rigamarole of... Continue Reading →

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