What Causes Chest Pain While Running?

If you experience chest pain while running, don’t necessarily panic. Anyone who has ever run a significant distance knows that sometimes it comes with a little chest pain as an added bonus. As if getting out of bed isn’t hard enough, feeling chest pain while exercises automatically triggers all kinds of worries and could have... Continue Reading →

How to Find the Right Running Shoe

Finding the right running shoe is vital to a good running experience. As fall approaches, the experience of getting outside and going for a run in the beautiful weather with great tunes playing in the background can take your breath away (literally). However, it is important to be prepared with appropriate running shoes. I usually... Continue Reading →

The Science Behind Running and Euphoria

There is a scientific reason behind euphoric feelings while running. Got that LOVE/HATE relationship with running? As an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine, I feel like it is my duty to get people back to the sports they love.  Yes, sure, there is the physical component to running—staying fit, training for high-level sports, qualifying... Continue Reading →

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